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Marketing Tip: Websites generally lose over 50% of their visitors each time their visitors have to click to another page. So, simplifying your website may double your sales or better. That's why our website is extremely simple, and using tactics like this, plus high-results marketing tactics to drastically multiply website traffic, our consultants have increased the online sales of multiple businesses by over 1,400%.

Marketing Consultant / Business Consultant:
$100 per hour, fully remote, as an independent contractor. We post our positions on various job sites, and probably the easiest site to access without an account is PostJobFree, so see our listings at:
(Ignore the "Cities" where they're listed, because they're remote positions, and we rotate their locations to attract applicants in various areas.)

VeCaAd Marketer & Promoter:
Commission only, fully remote, as an independent contractor. Pays up to $10,000 for each Qualified Business Referral, and up to $2,000 for each Qualified Person Referral, structured as a Referral Program at:

Earn Employment Program:
Participants can earn full-time and part-time consultant positions from us, and can earn large commissions along the way, by showing us their marketing and business networking abilities on our Referral Program. We'll offer full-time consultant positions to participants who provide us 16 Qualified Business Referrals, and we'll offer part-time consultant positions to participants who provide us 8 Qualified Business Referrals, and we'll offer small consultant projects to participants who provide us 1 Qualified Business Referral.
• To sign up for our Earn Employment Program, apply to our Referral Program and inform your account representative that you want to participate in our Earn Employment Program. Apply at:
• On the application form, under "Who Referred You" please put "Not Applicable" if VeCaAd referred you.
• By participating in this Earn Employment Program, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
The VeCaAd Earn Employment Program Terms & Conditions: The VeCaAd Referral Program and Earn Employment Program aren't consultant projects, and time spent on them, and services rendered for them, won't result in billable hours, nor hourly pay, nor benefits, nor reimbursement, nor any compensation other than the commissions as outlined by the Referral Program, and the positions and projects as outlined by the Earn Employment Program. Consultants and applicants aren't guaranteed to be authorized to participate in the Referral Program, or in the Earn Employment Program. VeCaAd alone determines if a referral is deemed a Qualified Business Referral, within its Referral Program, and within its Earn Employment Program. All offers within the Earn Employment Program, are at VeCaAd's discretion. Qualified Business Referral is defined in the VeCaAd Referral Program Terms & Conditions. The Earn Employment Program is non-transferable, is void where prohibited, and may not be available in all territories. The Earn Employment Program in its entirety, or for an individual participant, may be altered, modified, changed, or discontinued by VeCaAd at any time, and VeCaAd may notify participants by email of alterations, modifications, changes, or discontinuations.